TFKls's place on the internet

Hello! I'm TFKls, and this is my website. I plan to write here about my projects, mostly computer-related as well as about other things that interest me.

About me

My name is Thomas and I'm a guy from Poland.
My main fields of interests are: mathematics, chemistry, functional programming and programming in general.
Other things that I am interested in include: linguistics, transport logistics, urban planning, music theory and history.



If you'd like to give me money, you can do so by sending some Monero to the OpenAlias at, or the same address below:
8BBqCoibVzMDgNrjs49nqg8kBxzEfzjC96RKJ6UkDFxXKc4frBWT8KGeyRJXNXet8JTsH5kkSj8jq4VRJRCvP14kLR2aTs7 <QR>